Friday, December 12, 2008

Tokyo Disney

Carl here.


After working flat out for what feels like the last two months, Amy and I decided to have some well deserved R and R, so we headed off to Tokyo Disney to satisfy our inner child.

We obviously wanted to make the most of the day out, so we set off ridiculously early to get there for opening time at 8:00am. The plan was to have a marathon Disneyland fest and stay there all day.

After buying our tickets we walked in through the main entrance and we’re greeted by the biggest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen! We both gave in to our inner child, smiled and ran up to take a picture in front of it.

We skipped by all the shops and had a bit of a wonder around; we stopped at a food place for a huge hot dog. We looked at our map of the place but in typical fashion we decided to just wander around and wing it. After eating we went for a walk and we ended up in ‘Tomorrowland’ and were faced with a life size Buzz Lightyear, only the coolest cartoon character ever!

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters
We grabbed a ‘fastpass’ for space mountain and made our next move. I must say that the next thing we did was a very British thing to do, we joined the biggest queue in the place – the funny thing is that we weren’t entirely sure what the ride was that we were lining up for, I just knew the name was ‘Buzz lightyear’s Astro Blasters’ which I must say was enough to convince me. After nearly 3 hours waiting (no really!) we got inside.

The ride was really really cool, you sit in a little car that you can spin as it goes along a track, they also give you laser guns too! You have to shoot all of Zurg’s (The super villain from Toy Story aka Buzz Lightyear’s nemesis and dad!) minions and then you finally take on Zurg himself. Both people in each car have a digital display of their score; I’ve laid the gauntlet down to all future intern’s to beat my score on this ride 90,400 which nearly put me on level 3! Amy managed to get about 20,000 which she put down to me constantly spinning the car.

Anyway, after we finally got on the ride we missed our allocated fastpass slot for Space Mountain but the really nice lady let us in anyway. This ride was really good too, but I’m not going to spoil it for you... I was just pleased that we didn’t have to queue up for another 3 hours.

After ‘Space Mountain’ we watched the Jubilation parade, which celebrates Tokyo Disney Resorts 25th birthday. We spent the rest of the day buying souvenirs, going on nearly every ride in the place and generally having a great time. I almost got a Sheriff badge at the ‘Shootin’ Gallery’ but I wasn’t quite good enough.

We ended up leaving the resort at 22:30 but the adventure didn’t finish there! We ended up missing our stop for the private train direct to Wado station which meant that we had to take the JR (Japan rail) train to Kuki and transfer. Easy enough however we got back to Kuki very late and therefore missed the last train. A short taxi ride later and we could pass out in bed, a very long day but really fun!

Next year we’ll try Disney Sea, which is the second resort at the Tokyo Disney complex. I can’t wait!!!

You'll notice that there aren't any photo's of Amy on this post, she said that all the photo's of her were terrible!

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