Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shiramizu English Class Christmas Party

Carl here...

Shiramizu English Class Christmas Party
The Christmas party for the Shiramizu English class took place on 23rd December. The great thing about this party was that I didn’t have to dress up as Santa Claus that duty and that of magician fell to Arakawa sensei.

I started off the proceedings with a few English games and then Santa Claus came out with presents for everyone.

Santa Claus trying to make an escape...!

Then snacks were brought out for everyone and after this Santa Claus disappeared and was replaced with a very smart looking magician.

Pick a card, any card... no... not that one!

The magician insisted that he wasn’t Arakawa Sensei though the resemblance was uncanny! He kept saying ‘I am not Arakawa, I am a magician!’. Anyway, the kids and parents enjoyed the magic show and Arakawa Sensei was clearly having a great time too.

After the customary group photo everyone disbanded and I had to hurry home to pick up Amy so that we could get to Kasukabe for the Shiramizu Bonnenkai (Year-End Party).

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