Monday, December 15, 2008

New interns! Louise & Erica!

Richard here with some great news!

We are proud to announce our next two interns from June 15, 2009 to June 15, 2010 will be Louise Fisk from New Zealand and Erica Ip from Canada!

Louise Fisk (top) & Erica Ip (bottom)

First, I want to thank all the people who expressed an interest in the internship. While it is wonderful that we are able to offer the internship to two (!) people this time, mainly due to current intern Amy's hard work to create a second position, it gives me a heavy heart not to be able to bring over more people to Japan. But those people who are interested must please get back in touch with us again next year as there is always another chance then too!

Louise comes to us from Robbie Smith's Yoshin Wadokan dojo in Hamilton, New Zealand. She has a 2nd dan in the Wadokai and she won an individual women's bronze medal at the Wadokai World Cup in 2005 here in Tokyo. She graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science (Technology) at the University of Waikato, majoring in both Earth Sciences and Biological Sciences.

As an assistant instructor at Robbie Sensei's club, she hopes to have a great experience in Japan and then take back what she learns to further help other Kiwis in the growing New Zealand Wadokai association.

Erica comes to us from Marta Adamovich's Pacific Spirit Wadokai dojo in Vancouver, BC, Canada. This is the same dojo former intern Lawrence came from and we most recently ran into Erica as she was working hard as a volunteer at the Wadokai World Championships in Canada last August. She is a 1st kyu and she'll be going for her Wadokai shodan test in the Spring of 2009 prior to coming to Japan. Erica is also graduating from the University of British Columbia with a major in food, nutrition and health in May 2009.

Erica hopes to learn as much as she can in Japan and then return home to help other Canucks through the Pacific Spirit dojo, which is a member of the official Canada Wadokai CZ association.

Louise will be intern 5.0 taking over Carl's duties while Erica will be intern 5.1 taking over Amy's duties. These internships are equal in value and both new interns will have the same amount of opportunities and experiences while here in Japan.

Tune in with us again soon as I will be posting pre-arrival interviews with our new interns sometime in the coming weeks.


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Michael said...

Congratulations to Louise and Erica.

I had the pleasure of learning and training with Louise at Robbie's dojo on my trip to New Zealand. She is certainly deserving of the opportunity and I am sure she will be a great intern.

Mike Spain