Monday, December 13, 2010

Kata Focus: Seishan Problems

Peter here,

This week's kata problem focus has been on Seishan, particularly the shiko-dachi section.

Intern alumni Louise Fisk showing good form!

Having finally got my shiko-dachi to a less embarrassing level, I'm now working on the kick-through-to-gedan notsukkomi part. Typically for me, the problem is with keeping the centre line when kicking out and because of this I tend to thrust too much and 'fall into' the no-tsukkomi position rather than pull back and quickly place my foot down into kamae. Uehara Sensei has consistently lamented this part of my kata, so I have been determined to put it right.

In my Training diary, I try and keep as much of it in diagrams as possible as it visually reminds me what I have to do (they aren't technically excellent sketches as they more of a visual prod than figurative examples), so the example below is the difference in the position that I should be in (top, far right) and the position I have been in so far (bottom, far right).

The important part is to stop the hips thrusting out, as you can't then return to a safe position before placing your next stance.

The problem is that I use the momentum of the thrust to get the kick out as quickly as possible, but sacrifice form because of it. Richard has pointed out to me in the past that I tend to 'scoop' my kicks too much (this happens in Chinto as well) and it slows me down, so I've been working on this too. The unfortunate part of this is that now I'm not in the proper body position when I place down in no-tsukkomi- my body faces forward instead of turned. However I'm sure with enough practise the creases will be ironed out!

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