Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmastime goodies!

Peter Here,

My old sparring mitts had finally fallen apart after their long years of service, so I asked Arakawa Sensei to order me some new ones. At the same time, I thought I would invest in the Shiramizu Karate Team wear; I had wanted the jacket for quite a while!

So now, they’ve finally all arrived. The quality is great, and the jacket and pants are really warm. With all this Adidas equipment and clothing, you start to feel more professional about your karate, or at least a little bit sponsored- even if you’re not!

I’m also glad that I’ll finally not get any problems about my mitts in tournaments. Because of the helmets used in Japanese competitions, all mitts must have a thumb sleeve to keep the thumb in the glove (which doesn’t exist on the UK mitts- this was a major problem to some of the England Wadokai team at the World Cup and Nationals) to stop potential injuries. These will not be necessary when I go back to England, but at least then I can just tuck the sleeves in.

I do like getting new things though!

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