Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shirayuri Youchien Undokai- 11th October 2010

Peter Here,

Despite being rained off on the Saturday, the weather improved dramatically to make sure Monday's rescheduled Undokai - Sports Festival - was a massive success on a very fine sunny day.

Running from 9am to 3pm, the games got everyone involved, from the pupils, to the teachers, parents, graduates, those yet to begin kindergarten and even me! I was involved for two showpieces, 'Rainbow Jump' (skipping) and Hula-hooping. Unfortunately the hula hoop I was given didn't fit at all, except maybe as a belt, so I looked decidedly foolish in front of the crowd; but on such a happy day I don't think it mattered. I'm just grateful I managed to salvage a small shred of dignity with the skipping. Actually, I probably didn't.

The younger kids had a special guest: Anpanman! He's a very big celebrity here, and helped the kids dance at the Undokai. What a nice guy!

The Teachers were the fastest in the Adult relay, probably from running after all the kids, who, after being chased by the very fast teachers, were incredibly speedy themselves!

The two most impressive events for me were the marching band and the controlled gymnastics- just looking at them from then you forget the age of these children. Comparing it to what is achieved at home, it's unbelievable.

At the end of the day awards were given to best performers and prizes were given to everyone. On such a hot day (25 degrees in October!), all the kids did really well to keep upbeat and lively!

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