Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Grand Day Out: A visit to Mallage with the Arakawa Family and Nick the Australian Homestay

Peter Here;

Arakawa Sensei's family is currently hosting an Australian student as part of an exchange scheme between Sugito and Bassington of 15 junior High School students. Nick is 13 and will be in Sugito until 9th October, so to give him a taste of shopping in a Japanese mall Keiko-san took Nick, Masatoshi, Yusuke and I along to Mallage, near Kuki.

Mallage is a massive shopping complex which caters for almost any shopping need you can think of, with an arcade and cineplex thrown in as well. It is difficult to emphasise the size, it really is... very big.

After having lunch, we went on a large window-shopping spree (which I like, it's cheaper than real shopping), with Nick buying a few Naruto comics at the book store (his Kana knowledge puts me to shame!). Keiko-san then went to do some shopping on her own, while leaving us boys to run riot in the arcade. We played a few games of air hockey, then went on the other machines. Masatoshi, Yusuke and Nick all managed to win prizes! Sadly, I came away empty handed; some things are best left to the professionals.

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