Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Intern Selected: Pete Williams!

Richard here!

I want to congratulate Pete Williams from Exeter, Devon in the UK for being selected as the next Shiramizu Karate Intern from June 1.

Pete is 27 and a graduate of Exeter University, where he captained the karate club. He's been doing martial arts for 15 years and currently he learns Wadoryu Karate from Paul Hammond Sensei, as part of the British Wadokai Association. A professional Copywriter and Graphic Designer, Pete was also a Boy Scout leader for many years.

In the coming weeks I will ask one of the current interns to do a pre-arrival e-interview with Pete so we can all get to know him a little better (and see what misconceptions he has of Japan just for fun - for those who have been to Japan, they will know what I'm talking about).

The runner-up for the internship was Josh Paszkiewicz from Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Hopefully we will also be able to invite Josh from April 2011.

Also thank you to those many people who contacted us about the internship. Everyone is of course welcome to visit us anytime!

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