Sunday, January 3, 2010

忘年会 Bonenkai!

Erica here. I meant to write this before the year ended, but here we are! Happy New Year everyone! At the end of last year on December 19, there was a Shiramizu bonenkai (forget the year gathering end of the year party) at Uta Min (魚民) restaurant, beside Sugito Takanodai station.

Since alcohol was being served, only people over the age of 20 were allowed to attend, so most of the participants were adult students, parents of the students and of course, all the Sensei. The venue was a restaurant that included ‘all you can drink’ beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Everyone was in a merry mood and had plenty to drink. We played bingo and everyone was excited because there were some great prizes which included a Sony mp3 player, a coffee maker, a very popular scale that not only measures your weight but the percentage of body fat among other things and various smaller prizes like socks and Shiramizu towels.

Near the end, we all had to stand up and give a short speech about how we did this year and what we hope to achieve next year. This took a little while because there were about 40 of us. It was a very enjoyable night!

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