Saturday, October 17, 2009

World Karate Federation President letter re: Olympics!

Richard here!

Unfortunately as everyone now knows, Karate missed entry into the Summer Olympic programme from 2016, being beaten out by Rugby 7s and Golf. While Karate came third amongst the 7 finalist sports (the others were squash, baseball, softball & roller sports), this development is of course a major letdown. But not all is lost.

In conjunction with an interview I'm preparing for JKfan magazine for my new monthly bilingual column ('Richard Sensei's Corner, more on that in another post!), below is the letter I received from the WKF President, Mr. Espinos, in an email yesterday which he recently released to the public. I will reserve my own thoughts on this matter for another time, so please simply read over this letter if you haven't already. He had more comments about Karate which will be featured in my column.

I think this is interesting information for the interns to be aware of since all the former have wanted to help their home country clubs participate more in the sport's karate world, as well as the current interns too, so understanding all the facets of sport competition, including the Olympic challenges, is important. There has been lots of mis-information in the past about karate and the Olympics therefore reading details straight from the WKF President is quite valuable.

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