Saturday, October 17, 2009

Richard Sensei's Corner: monthly JKfan magazine column!!!

Richard here!

The very popular JKfan karate magazine has kindly asked me to contribute a bilingual 2-page monthly column starting from November! It is going to be called Richard Sensei's Corner.

One page will be my thoughts about karate in general as a non-Japanese (NJ) and the second page will include an interview I do each month with a famous, or up-and-coming, NJ karate athlete, instructor or association leader who either lives overseas or in Japan.

This is a unique opportunity to communicate different ideas and perspectives of the NJ karate world to the Japanese karate community, as well as highlight the commonalities.

It is my hope that through Richard Sensei's Corner the JKfan reader will be exposed to healthy new ideas for karate practice developed overseas, unique karate adventures, international tournament experiences as seen through the eyes of NJ competitors, increased awareness of the numerous karate communities around the globe and, simply, my own misadventures having a lifestyle devoted to this budo art.

Being the director for the internship was one of the several ways JKfan took notice of me here in Japan. I will be profiling the program, its benefits and the current interns in one column sometime in the next six months.

The column will be partially bilingual, and I have yet to work out with the magazine which parts I can use in other media, but I hope by the end of the month to have a personal website up and running that will contain as much media as possible, plus my own daily blog to provide glimpses into the various aspects of the karate world I bounce around in here in Japan.

So check back soon for more information on the new website.

After 24 months, JKfan will then publish all the columns as a book, which I want to have completely bilingual plus offer extras.

Below are images from the magazine with Wadoka personalities. Actually, I was profiled once in 2005 when I started as the head coach at the high school I work at, and every few months my picture gets included somewhere when I'm coaching at a tournament, part of the many Shiramizu short stories (they do so much they're in it all the time!) or participating at a seminar.

Dr. Hakoishi Sensei on the cover for an article on Wado Idori.

Wadokai member Matsukyu-san in 2007 when he won the All-Japan Nationals (Japan Cup) for individual men's kumite.

Furuhashi-Sensei, 2 time Wadokai Kata World Champ and something like 7-time Wadokai Japan Kata Champ. This picture is great because it shows how large and glossy the magazine's layout is.

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