Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tokyo High School Spring Championships!

Tokyo Spring High School Championships was held over two days last week. The Individual Events were held on Sunday, April 27th at Nihon University Tsurugaoka High School, and the Team Events were held at Seiritsu Gakuen High School on Tuesday, April 29th.

Boy's Team Kumite Finals. Setagaya High School (red) beat Tsurugaoka 4-1.

Girl's Team Kumite Finals. Tsurugaoka (red) beat Yakumo High School 5-0.

This tournament was the qualifier for the Kanto Region Summer High School Karate Championships in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, June 6-8. Also, the best 8 for each event are allowed to compete in the Tokyo High School Qualifier on June 22nd for the All-Japan Interhigh Games to be held in Saitama Prefecture in August - only the winner of each division from the Qualifier advances to Interhigh.

Setagaya High School is currently the strongest boy's high school karate club in Japan, having won Individual Boy's Kumite, Boy's Team Kata and Boy's Team Kumite, at the March All-Japan High School Championships. Plus they won 2nd place for Individual Kata.

(From Osaka City, Higashi Osaka Keiai Girl's High School is the strongest girl's high school karate club in Japan, having won team kata, team kumite and individual kumite at the March Nationals as well.)

Team Kumite 5 position names:
1st 先鋒 Senpou (vanguard, speardhead)
2nd 次鋒 Jihoko (next spear)
3rd 中堅 Chuuken (main body)
4th 副将 Fukushou (vice-general)
5th 大将 Daishou (general)

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