Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shiramizu's new class schedule April 2008-March 2009

Above is the new schedule for the new school year running April 2008-March 2009.
All karate clubs run on the same year calendar as schools.
Below is the schedule in English.

Class codes:
L = elementary grades 1 - 3
M = elementary grades 3 - 5
H = elementary grades 4 - 6
J = elementary grade 6 & all junior high grades 1 -3
A = adult (junior high & up)
SA = elementary grades 5 & 6 to high school, 3rd kyu up
SB = elementary grades 1 -4, 6th kyu and up

Note that many of the kindergarten classes have no teacher's names attached because they vary from time to time.

Monday Main Dojo:
4-5:15pm L (Arakawa Sensei)
5:20-6:50pm MH (Suzuki Sensei)
7-8:30 J (Suzuki Sensei & Yoshihara Sensei)

Monday branch location classes:
Satte City East Kindergarten 2-3pm (Arakawa Sensei)
Satte Asukaru Community Center 5-6:30pm (Arakawa Sensei & Yoshihara Sensei)
Satte Asukaru Community Center 6:30-8pm (Arakawa Sensei & Kikuchi Sensei)

Tuesday Main Dojo:
4-5:15pm L (Arakawa Sensei)
5:20-6:35pm M (Arakawa Sensei)
6:30-7:55 H (Uehara Sensei)
8-9:30pm A (Uehara & Suzuki Sensei)

Tuesday branch location classes:
Sugito Shirayuri Kindergarten 2:15-3:15pm
Showa city kindergarten 2:30-3:30pm
Kasukabe branch dojo 4:30-6pm (Yamazaki Sensei)
Saitama Shintoshin Central "With You" Sport's Club 7:30-9pm (Arakawa Sensei & Yamazaki Sensei)

(Japanese website http://www.central.co.jp/club/rafre-saitama/index.html )

Wednesday Main Dojo:
10:30am-12pm A (Arakawa Sensei)
2:50-3:50 Kindergarten-age (Arakawa Sensei)
4-5:15pm L (Yamazaki Sensei)
5:20-6:35pm M (Arakawa Sensei)
6:40-7:55pm H (Arakawa Sensei)
8-9:30pm J high-performance (Arakawa Sensei & Iwasaki Sensei)

Wednesday branch locations:
Sugito Izumi branch dojo 6:15-7:45pm (Yamazaki Sensei)

Thursday Main Dojo:
4-5:15pm L (Yoshihara Sensei)
8-9:30pm A (Suzuki Sensei)

Thursday branch locations:
Sugito Shirayuri Kindergarten 2:30-3:30pm
Showa branch dojo 5:45-7:15pm (Uehara Sensei & Yamazaki Sensei)
Showa branch dojo 7:20-9:00pm (Uehara Sensei & Kikuchi Sensei)

Friday Main Dojo:
5-6:30pm MH (Arakawa Sensei)
6:40-8:30pm SB class (Arakawa Sensei)
7:30-9:30pm SA class (Arakawa Sensei)

Friday branch locations:
Sugito Shirayuri Kindergarten 2:15-3:30pm
Gokamachi City Kindergarten 2:15-3:15pm (This is in Ibaraki prefecture which is on the border with Saitama. The main dojo in Satte sits on the Saitama side of the border).
Gokamachi branch dojo 4:30-6:00pm (Yoshihara Sensei)

Saturday Main Dojo:
10-11:30am LMH (Arakawa Sensei)
7-8:30pm Adults (Arakawa Sensei)

Saturday branch locations:
Showa branch dojo 4-5:30pm (Iwasaki Sensei)

Sunday: left open because most tournaments are held on Sundays

English Conversation Classes (taught by the Shiramizu Intern):
Monday 8:15-9:15pm junior high to adult
Tuesday 5-6pm elementary grades 1-2, 6-7pm grades 3-4
Wednesday 5-6pm elementary grades 5-6

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