Thursday, December 13, 2007

Anyone may now apply for the 2008 internship (as per the requirements)!

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We are now ready to take applications for the next intern at the Shiramizu karate club in Japan for one year starting from July 1, 2008.

The deadline for applications has been extended. Anyone interested should contact us about receiving the application package.

Originally, the internship was only open to Canada Wadokai members in the CZWKA, but we will now accept applications from anyone with some karate experience from any style (who meet the minimum requirements below).

The main determining factor we are looking for is someone who exudes positive enthusiasm and who would like to get involved in as much as possible here in Japan! Plus they must be able to commit to one year for sure!

Teaching English classes is included so the intern can make enough money to cover living expenses. Applicants there for must be native English speakers.

Minimum requirements:

Age: Between 20-30 years old (visa limit is 18-30yrs, but the legal adult age in Japan is from 20yrs old so the internship is set from here).

Education: Minimum English-as-the-main-language high school graduate, but some post-secondary education of any type is preferred. English language teacher training is an asset.

Work experience: Experience working with children in some way. Actual English teaching or tutoring experience a bonus.

Karate experience: Any level of karate experience is ok, but Wadokai members will be given preference (in some previous years, no Wadokai members applied).

Nations included in the working holiday visa program: Since being a native English speaker is a requirement for this internship, applications will be accepted from citizens who are from the English-speaking countries on the Japan Working Holiday Visa list (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or the United Kingdom).

Anyone seriously interested in applying can email me for the application explanation package.

Thank you!


karateintern at gmail dot com

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