Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chinto kata on YouTube!

As YouTube grows with gazillions of more videos, important Wado videos also have popped up on it. There are different versions of Chinto for different karate styles, and within the 3 main Wado groups there are slight differences. The Wadokai version is the official version accepted by all Wado groups for Shitei kata.

For all interns, being able to perform a strong Chinto and Seishan is important since these are the main 2 Wado kata. Even for non-Wado practitioners, since these are also 2 of the 8 Shitei kata, knowing how to perform them well is not bad either.

The founder Otsuka Sensei, filmed I think in the late 1960s when he was in his late 70s.

A very sharp Dr. Hideho Takagi in his 50s performing Chinto in the early 1990s.
Please visit the USA Guseikai website to see more http://www.uswadokai.com/kata.php .

Okumachi Sensei performing Chinto, probably in his early 30s, filmed around 1994. He is a student of Takagi Sensei.

6x Wadokai Japan Nationals Champion and the 2005 Wadokai World Cup Kata Champ, Takuya Furuhashi. Chinto is the 2nd kata in this video 2:05mins.

Hiroji Fukazawa of WIKF performing Chinto. Probably late 1990s. Very nice. Notice the different enbusen, moving off the enbusen line more frequently than the other videos.

As more tournaments come along, I will try to upload more kata videos too. Please see http://youtube.com/profile?user=kenzenjapan for more videos...


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