Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Update on visiting Shiramizu!

Richard here,

Shiramizu continues to be very active in Sugito, Saitama, Japan.

Also Koike Sensei won a gold medal at the Wadokai World Cup last August in Nagoya.

And Arakawa Sensei again plans to visit Kenzen Sports Karate in Victoria, Canada in March with the International Budo University karate team.

For those interested in visiting Shiramizu, please contact Arakawa Sensei directly by sending an English email.

arakawa.takamasa at nifty dot com

If you want to train at Shiramizu for a longer period of a week, Arakawa Sensei is still happy to received people.

Most foreigners can get a 90-day visitors visa when they arrive in Japan as long as they either have a return ticket for within those 90-days or they apply to the Japanese embassy in their country before they leave.

If anyone wants to stay longer than 3 months, please read the previous posts on traveling to Japan.

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