Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn has arrived with Sport's Day!

Hi, Jonas here.

Saitama has finally started to cool down some. This is actually quite good news, since September's Saitama was way too warm for me. And on top of that the humidity here in the summer is just crazy!

Unfortunately though, in the beginning of this week I managed to catch quite a nasty cold, so I have not been able to practice any karate the last couple of days. All my energy has been focused on teaching English.

体育の日( Health and Sports Day) in Japan was on Monday , so all of the schools seem to be busy with sport activities right now.

One of the kindergartens I teach at had a sport's festival on Saturday that I took part of.
I was really surprised at how well prepared everything was. They even had a school orchestra playing a Disney medley.

絆 "bonds", the theme of this years sport festival
The outfit of the day.

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