Monday, September 5, 2011

Intern termination and new hire

The intern hired for this year, Erica Jones, had her internship contract terminated completely on September 2.

Due to the requirement to find a new intern immediately since the various English classes are starting up again after the summer break, we were successful to find a suitable candidate to start from today who has the right qualifications and karate experience, plus who is already in Japan.

For any unresolved issues related to the previous intern, please contact the Shiramizu office manager directly.

The new intern will complete the remaining six months of this year's contract ending in March 2012.

The application and selection period for next year's intern (2012-2013) will begin in October. For those interested, please check this internship blog then. Thank you.



Andrea said...

That's a shame, do we get a reason why? I think it was really interesting to read about a beginner's point of view entering the karate world.

Richard Mosdell said...

Thanks for the question.
Since the specific person in this case was an employee of Shiramizu, it is a standard policy in all companies not to mention anything public beyond the fact the person is no longer with the company to respect the former employee's rights and the company's rights.
All human resource management works this way as there are legal concerns to be aware of.

But I do agree with you the experiment of having a complete beginner try the internship for a year should be tried again should the right person apply.


Andrea said...

Ah that's a shame but understandable. Will look forward to the next beginner intern!