Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Intern #9 now selected: Congratulations to Erica Jones!

Richard here!

I'm pleased to announce that Erica Jones of the United States has been selected as our 9th intern, starting from April 1 for one year!

Erica is a recent university history graduate from Smith College who spent 6 months in Tokyo at Sophia University as an exchange student. She speaks some Japanese and she has experience teaching English to ESL children whose families have recently moved to the US.

Previous interns have mentioned to me several times that if the right applicant comes along who has no karate experience, it would be interesting to see a karate beginner go through the internship as they should get quite a bit out of it. With Erica's background in athletics and her overall outgoing and professional manner, the selection committee was impressed enough to select her as our first 'beginner test-subject', which she is willing to become.

Let me clarify though that we were not looking for a beginner specifically in this round. Every year we select the most positive, out-going person with a good background who does very well following the application instructions and performs well in the interviews. Being able to speak clearly, think logically, sound professional and be accepting of the many intern challenges normally shines through in the interview process, and in the reference checks.

Keep an eye on this blog as the current intern Pete will do a pre-arrival interview with Erica over the next week or so.

Congratulations Erica! Shiramizu is already buzzing with excitement that you'll be with us in just one month's time.

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