Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jishuren: personal training

Peter Here,

The Shiramizu Karate ethic is always that of hard work in practices, and then self practice to perfect what you've been told in class. In some UK clubs certainly students learn at class, go home and then come back to the next class and learn some more, without any practice at home.

If you did this with a musical instrument, imagine how long it would take you to be any good at it! Why is karate any different?

So, especially for higher grades, I think it is very important to not just go to scheduled lessons (of which there a few), but also train on my own as well. Particularly since the big tournaments have past the intense kumite/cardio workouts are less, so I tend to go for a run and exercise in the apartment to keep the stamina up and then use the dojo between classes on a Monday, with lessons Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I do feel guilty that I should train on my own there more though! Judging by my last two tournament results, I definitely need it...

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