Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Return of the Interns: the run up to the Wado World Cup

Peter Here!

With the Wado World Cup and Wadokai National Championships happening last August, that month saw the return of Intern Alumni Carl Jorgeson (2008-09), Amy Coulson (2008-09), and Louise Fisk (2009-10). They were representing their respective countries of England and New Zealand at the World Cup on August 14-15, and then taking part in the national championships a week later. So, to make sure that they were on peak form where else would they get both excellent training and a warm 'welcome home' feeling than Shiramizu?!

I would only be watching them for the World Cup, but I was also training hard in the run up to the National Championships. As it was during the holiday season the usually quite sedate Wednesday morning session had been turned, like all other sessions, into a heat entrance drill with the High performance kids, occupied with constantly repeating Kata and Kumite.

Carl had suffered some bad luck in the week before coming here- while participating in a tournament his knee had been heavily injured. He was trying his best to practice as much as he could while also resting up, which unfortunately meant that we couldn't spar together (when I get back to England, Carl!). Amy and Louise looked very ready for their Kata entry, and it was warming when Louise said that "I'd come on a bit".

As is mandatory with the Wednesday Class, we all went for lunch afterwards, giving the ex-interns some nostalgia and chatting about the challenges and rewards of the internship, and how much more I had to look forward to.

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