Monday, May 31, 2010

Shiramizu Timetable 2010

Louise here,

This is the new Shiramizu timetable for this year starting in April. For those who don't read Japanese, I'll give a bit of an explanation.

The kanji characters in the blue boxes down the left-hand side are the days of the week, Monday to Saturday. The light orange line on each day shows the classes at the main dojo, while the white lines show the classes at the branch dojos.

The teachers for each class are indicated by the single kanji in the small boxes on each class period. These kanji are the first characters of each instructor's name, the key for which is at the top of the timetable. There, from left to right, is Takamasa Arakawa sensei 荒川先生, Hiroyuki Uehara sensei 上原先生, Bunmei Suzuki sensei 鈴木先生, Hitoshi Kikuchi sensei 菊地先生, Takamasa Iwasaki sensei 岩崎先生, Yukiko Yamazaki sensei 山崎先生, Noriko Yoshihara sensei 吉原先生 and the karate intern 研修生. (I help with a Friday class from 6 to 7:30 pm, and Pete will take this over when he comes.)

L classes are for grades 1-3 of elementary school; M classes are for grades 3-5 of elementary school; H classes are for grades 4-6 of elementary school; the J class is for grade 6 of elementary school and junior high school students; and A classes are for junior high school students to adults.

High performance classes are on Friday (A class, from 7:30 pm) and Saturday (B class, from 10:30 am). The A class is for 3rd Kyu and above of 5th grade elementary school to senior high school students. The B class is for 6th Kyu and above of grades 1-4 of elementary school. High performance students train eight times a month in normal classes plus 2-3 times a month in the high performance classes.

The morning adults' class has actually been moved to Wednesday morning, as it was last year. Note also that on Monday morning there is an aerobics class, on Tuesday morning a yoga circle, and on Thursday (now in the morning), a hula dance circle that also use the main dojo.

While there are only three adult classes per week this year, we can also join the junior high school classes for more training, and I also go to train at Guseikai in Tokyo with Takagi sensei on Tuesday and Sunday nights.

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