Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let it Snow

Louise here,

Last night and this morning it was rather exciting for me because it snowed. I know that for a lot of people that's no big deal, but I come from Hamilton, NZ, and it never snows in town there. The only time it gets cold enough there, it's because the skies are clear at night, so there's no moisture to form snow. So this is a first for me, to have snow outside my home. My shutters even froze shut and I had to wait for them to melt this morning to open them. Woop woop.

The neighbours' garden under snow

I must admit that I'd probably not be as enthusiastic if I had to go out and work in it. I was just remembering the other time I've been in a snowstorm in Japan, at Miyajima (near Hiroshima) on New Year's Eve. It was fun for about two minutes, then as the snow kept blowing in my face, it wasn't fun anymore. I had to shuffle along huddled behind my umbrella, at risk of crashing into inanimate objects, other people and deer.

The famous floating Otorii. In the snow.

Deer, one wearing a snow-hat

But after it stopped snowing, it was magical climbing the mountain in the forest. I even wrote some (not very profound) haiku poems as I walked.

Cold white in my eyes

Not down but down, up, around;

Footprints follow me.

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Rachel said...

yay for snow! and haikus, that was profound enough for me. snow's all gone in edinburgh but another 4 inches in the highlands over night, so hoping to get further north and do some cross country skiing. hope you are doing wonderfully well my dearie x