Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shiramizu Kyu Grades

Carl here...

...for a short report on the Shiramizu dojo. The last 4 weeks have been very busy for the dojo. There was the 10th Anniversary Shiramizu club competition, closely followed by a Dan Grading and a Wadokai Training course over the same weekend and then the Wadokai Kanto Taikai.

The dojo is still busy. This week is full of belt tests, with 450+ students at Shiramizu, it takes a full week to test everyone.

The examiners!

This is Naoya, one of my students from the Shiramizu Kindergarten English class. He's just passed his yellow belt test, so he happily passed on his old blue belt to his little brother. This is great for Naoya because he's only been in the 'big kid' class a few short weeks after graduating from the kindergarten class.

Naoya (Yellow Belt), and his little brother!

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