Monday, February 16, 2009

Roses are red...

My valentines...

...violets are blue...

Carl here,

For a 'cheek reddening' post about, yes, you've guessed it, Valentines day!

For those of you who don't know, Valentines day is celebrated in the west on February 14th as an excuse to give gifts to the one(s) you love.

In Japan, this tradition was annexed, and massively promoted by a confectionery manufacturer who insisted that only women should give gifts.

Then, another pioneering fellow, not surprisingly also a confectionery manufacturer decided that men should 'return' the gift giving one month later, on White day, March 14th.

Most of the chocolate I got is what's called 'giri-choco' which is bought by women for friends, bosses, colleagues and close male friends. ‘Giri' in Japan means obligation hence these types of chocolates has no romantic association. Apparently ladies feel the need to pass these onto all the guys who work close to them so that the guys don't feel 'left out' or embarrassed. In my case, I was thoroughly embarrassed at being presented with the gifts, or maybe it was the fear of Amy finding out?

...but I also got some chocolate that is classed as 'honmei-choco' which are for those special ones, boyfriends, lovers or husbands. These chocolates are hand made by the girls themselves to show how they really care! No, I'm not telling who gave me to them...!

Before you ask, no Amy DIDN'T get me ANYTHING for Valentines Day! She simply said that she buys me too much chocolate already, like there was ever such a thing as 'too much' chocolate!

So, what have I been doing all weekend? Eating chocolate of course...!

Cartoon by Roger Dahl, Japan Times newspaper

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