Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Richard here... Happy New Years to everyone!

This is the official Shiramizu 'nengajo', New Year's Card, sent out by Arakawa Sensei.

Yes, that's him with a kumite helmet on that has an Ox picture on it, since 2009 is the Year of the Ox. On the right in bold are the many tournaments and events listed by month, followed by a message, then some January and February 2009 event reminders (which I've added to our events list in the blog's right column).

Pretty much all adults in Japan send out nengajo cards to everyone they know, and these are delivered by or on Jan 1st by a huge fleet of postal delivery men on little red motor bikes. These are designed like a post card, with a personal message and picture on the front, which a person can have made easily at stationary stores, post offices, printing shops, photo stops, etc.

Between Dec 22 to about the 27th, Japanese people are madly trying to get their cards done and get them mailed so they can be delivered on Jan 1st, as Jan 2nd would be late and lateness by even one minute in Japan is a no-no...

As for international squad here at Shiramizu, we had a great 2008 and the new year looks even better. I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful 2009.

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