Friday, August 29, 2008

Richard's Wadokai Worlds '08 Report!

l-r Japan Women's Kata Team: Yuki, Kana, Rie
l-r Canada Men's Kata Team:Richard, Lawrence, Peter

Richard here!

The details:
Thu Aug 21 Juniors (open to any style)
Fri Aug 22 Wadokai Worlds adult kata and kumite eliminations
Sat Aug 23 Wadokai Worlds adult kata and kumite finals-only, plus demos

Location: Hollyburn Country Club, West Vancouver, Canada
Arena: Hollyburn Tennis Centre (4 karate rings, finals 1 ring)

The good news is we did bring back some hardware!
Men's Team Kata - gold (myself, Lawrence and Peter)
Men's Individual Kata - silver for Lawrence and bronze for me
Men's Over 35 Kata - 4th place for myself

l-r Men's Open Kata: Richard (bronze), Takuya Furuhashi (gold) & Lawrence (silver)

The Japan Women's Kata (actually high school girls) team all smiles!

These girls had worked so hard for so long getting their team kata ready, you could tell this really meant so much to them, like the end of the journey with a positive result!

l-r Johnny Tesoro, Richard, Kevin Floyd, all former Kenzen Vancouver instructors

At least I got something. And the blue belt I was wearing had 'Vancouver Karate Cup' written on it, which I found in a tournament box that looked really familiar. Well, the Van Cup used to be my event, so really, I was wearing a belt I bought 8 years ago for my old tournament!

Enjoying the very nice patio at Hollyburn!

l-r back row Steven Muskwa Johnson, Kevin Floyd, Lawrence Liang
l-r front row Richard, Mark Taylor (1st intern!), Johnny Tesoro

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