Friday, January 18, 2008

Antonio Oliva Seba Seminar Nov 9th in Tokyo!!!

Through an introduction from the British Columbia Team Coach Kraig Devlin in Canada, I have been in contact with Oliva Sensei and he has agreed to teach a one-day seminar here in Tokyo on Nov 9th when he comes to Japan for the WKF World Championships (Nov 16-19)!

Arakawa Sensei and I still have to work out all the details - probably we will coordinate with a university club in Tokyo that has a very large dojo space - and we plan to ask the local karate magazines if they would like to interview Oliva Sensei before & after he arrives.

I've heard only amazing things about Oliva Sensei's seminars - his effective system of approach to winning kumite matches - that I'm really looking forward to hosting him for what I believe is his first ever seminar in Japan! Any high level competitor I have ever met who has studied from Oliva Sensei raves about him as being the ultimate master coach. Just the simple fact he has attended every single WUKO then WKF World Championships since the first one in 1970, starting out as a competitor and then later as a coach, is pretty amazing by itself!

Below is his CV. As soon as details start to be confirmed I will post them here.

ANTONIO OLIVA SEBA, 8th. Dan WKF - International Coach

Antonio Oliva is one of the pioneers of European Martial Arts and a world leader in the study and teaching of Tactics. Mr. Oliva is a Founding Member of the CICAC (Centre for Scientific Research on Martial Arts and Combat Sports). He is the author of: “Formalisation of Sports Karate”, 1982; “Martial Arts Practical Encyclopedia”, 1985 and “Supreme Combat”, 2002.

He was born on 16 February 1948 in Lloret de Mar, Gerona-Spain. He won the first five Spanish National Karate Championships (1970-1975) and was runner up in the lightweight division of the European Championships held in Cristal Palace, London, in May 1974. His technical and coaching talents took the Spanish National Team from complete anonymity to astonish the Karate world by winning the team event and also 10 individual medals at the World Championships in 1980.

Today, his Sports Karate Coaching System is respected and followed the world over. He has been teaching a total of 57 different countries: 27 in Europe, 8 in Asia, 8 in Africa, 11 in America and 3 in Oceania. In the last two Karate World Championships held in Tampere (Finland) and Istambul (Turkey) most of the medalist countries have competed using his technical and tactical approaches.

Actually his major concern is the "Formation of Formators". Transfering a deep Formation to Karate Instructors we contribute to pass to the new generation a better Karate, Education and World. Antonio Oliva is a deep believer; for him Karate-Do is a Way of Life and Life is a Way of Love.

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